What does Collective Safety do with my business and personal information?

Collective Safety respects your privacy.

All information requested of you helps our team understand your specific business needs and how we can align you with the right service.

We do not pass on your details to anyone outside the Collective Safety Partner Network. A list of our partners can be found on our home page.

Please read our Privacy Policy for further information.

Who are your trusted partners?

Our trusted partners are reputable specialists in their chosen field of expertise. They have a proven track record and willing to assist you based on the information supplied.

All partners must make an application to be accepted as a Trusted Partner on the Collective Safety Website.

How much does it cost to use the Collective Safety service?

Our service to clients seeking assistance is completely free of charge. Our arrangement with our partners means we will be paid when you start working with them. It costs you nothing, and it provides value to our network partners. Simple!

What can I expect next?

Once you have supplied your business information and contact details, a Collective Safety team member will contact you for any outstanding information. We generate a proposal for our partners who will contact you within 2 business days.

Am I obliged to use any of the Collective Safety partners?

The Collective Service is obligation free and we leave the decision process up to you.

Our trusted partners

Safety Connect IT
Contractor HQ
Insurance House
Mosh Management
Optima WorkCover
Elumina Pty Ltd
New Age HSW Services
Wide Awake Wellness
PSC Insurance
Generation Health
Action OHS
Work Healthy Australia
FEFO Counsulting