WorkSafe ACT Blitz Childcare centres

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve work health and safety, WorkSafe ACT has visited nine childcare centres during November and December 2020 (to date), issuing 32 improvement notices for work health and safety breaches.

Work Health and Safety Commissioner, Jacqueline Agius, said this is part of a proactive campaign to improve the safety culture in childcare centres.

“When our inspectors visited these centres, they found many concerning work health and safety issues.

“Some of these issues, included firefighting equipment not being inspected, electrical equipment which had not been regularly checked and tagged, no safe system of work for staff immunisation (for vaccine preventable diseases), and no dangerous substances register.

“If these risks aren’t managed properly, there’s the potential for serious injury, not only for staff but others, including children or visitors to these centres.

“As we start winding down for the end of the year, and families go away for the holidays, child attendances in centres are likely to decrease.

“This is a timely reminder for childcare centres to take the time to check their work health and safety practices, make sure everything is in order, and make improvements.

“There is always time to prioritise work health and safety, because everyone deserves to work in a safe environment.”

WorkSafe ACT’s proactive campaign to audit childcare centres is expected to continue until March 2021.

WorksSafe ACT