Technology for Remote Injury Management

"With travel restrictions and social distancing requirements, on-site risk assessments and classroom-based manual handling training sessions are definitely harder to execute in 2020. Increasingly, companies are looking for technology solutions that will not only help them with injury prevention, but also assist with the management of injured workers."

- Scott Coleman, Preventure CEO

Wearable Technology: Work Task Assessments

Safety professionals are now able to objectively measure the injury risk associated with specific work tasks, using wearable technology, video analysis and validated movement data. Wearable sensors can be posted to the worksite... [click the link below to learn more]

Wearable Technology: Movement Coaching & Unknown Risk Identification

Workers are now able to reduce their own injury risk, by using wearable technology to measure their movements for 5-10 days. They receive alerts...[click the link below to learn more]

App-Based Safety Training: Deliver Insights Using Nudge Theory

You have collected all these great data insights into your workplace injury risk… so what? ...[click the link below to learn more]

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