Safety Management Software

The Ins & Outs of Safety Management Software

Great work health and safety management is all about first understanding the risks and hazards in your workplace, then systematically working towards reducing or eliminating those risks to make things safer for your people.

Yet for many organisations, this can be difficult to manage on top of everything else. This is especially true if dedicated resources for safety aren’t readily available.

This is where safety management software comes in.

How does safety management software work? Safety management software allows you plan out and run a full safety program of activity, without the administrative burden. In short, it helps you stay on track and in compliance.

Safety management software allows you to;

  • Plan out the safety tasks you need to complete to keep things safe.
    Email notifications and automated deadline alerts will keep you and your team moving in the right direction over time.
  • Oversee your safety activity in one neat location in the cloud.
    You can delegate tasks to workers or teams and can keep track what has been completed and when. Plus you can easily oversee all incidents/hazards reported, inspections completed, license expiries, contractor details, and more.
  • Act quickly and efficiently when something needs attention.
    Once all your safety data is flowing into one location from all team members and locations, it’s so much easier for you to identify areas for improvement, corrective action or change. The insights derived from your own organisational data are one of the most valuable assets you have to drive excellence in safety performance.

All of this significantly eases the administrative hassle of pulling together forms, data, information, records from multiple sources and people. Essentially, everything you need for great safety management and compliance is held in one easy-to-access location.

This means that you can focus on what really matters in work health
and safety management – actioning improvements to make things safer.

What features to look for in safety management software?

Most safety management software will come with some standard modules and features to help you keep up with your legal safety obligations, such as;

- Incident and Investigation Management
- Hazard and Corrective Actions Management
- Inspections, Reviews and Audit Forms & Trends
- Safety Task Planning and Compliance
- Communication and Induction Management
- Site Attendance Record Keeping
- Contractor Management
- HR and Training Records Management
- Documents Management
- Safe Chemical Management
- Reporting and Analytic

(Just looking at this list starts to give you the idea of how much admin and running around there can be in any given safety program. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep it all in one place).

But since they are mostly the same, you need to look out for what sets them apart and how this can help you in your business. Consider these;

  • - Choose one that is intuitive and easy-to-use for workers of any level of tech literacy level.
  • - Choose one that is implemented well – preferably by a team who know workplace safety and how it works. This way, they can support you to set it up in the right way for optimal compliance.
  • - Choose one that is not going to cost you the earth. Either in initial set up or unexpected development costs further down the line. For this reason, look for one that is configurable, allowing you to change things when you need.

Be vigilant when you are looking for a safety management software solution. Choose one that suits your unique business and safety needs.

If you are keen to build and deliver a stronger, more sustainable health and safety program in your workplace, learn how with Safety Champion Software.

We are safety people and are ready to help!

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