FEFO Health & Safety Index

The ‘Health & Safety Index’ is a simple online assessment that enables organisations to measure, focus and act on improvements that matter.

Unlike traditional safety culture surveys, the Health and Safety Index covers 4 aspects in approx. 10 mins!
These 4 aspects include Health & Wellbeing, Safety Leadership, Safety Engagement and Safety Systems that help inform strategic choices.

Our solution allows for business specific demographic data to help identify hotspots and comparisons between cohorts, e.g. positions, locations, and business units. This informs strategic decision making, enabling a targeted use of resources and a positive Return on Investment (ROI).

Watch this 1min video explainer

Your entire organisation can be engaged to help you answer important questions. Results can be compared across your business-specific demographics and 7 Dimensions to measure, focus and act on areas that matter:

  1. Care & Concern

  2. Clear Expectations

  3. Collaborate & Enable

  4. Execute with Excellence

  5. Decision Making & Courage

  6. Recognise & Respond

  7. Conditions & Experience

Read more about the Index here