Contractor Management

By Richard Tullberg, General Manager (Woodlands Golf Club), March 2020

Maintenance of our golf course is paramount to us
to ensure our golfers always get the best possible facilities to play on - this requires extensive coordination across our staff and third party suppliers. The safety documentation requirements are complex and require continual upkeep.

"ContractorManage is helping us take the legwork out of managing our contractor compliance, while reducing our exposure to risk. "

Approximately 35% of the contractors we use on-site perform high risk activities. If there’s going to be an injury at our workplace then these people are one of our highest risk groups. We need to make sure that they have the appropriate insurances for the work they are conducting, that they’re licenced, and that they have documented safe systems of work.

Collecting all the paperwork from these types of contractors had historically been extremely time consuming but in using ContractorManage we simply add the supplier, categorise the activities they perform and then the system automatically chases up all of the required documentation for our inspection.

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