Collective Thinking #4

Focus on the Basics.

A simple mantra that is often forgotten with the desire to be innovative and creative with how we manage health and safety and workers compensation claims. However, the most powerful basic action we can take in these circumstances is…communication.

This is not anything new, and many of those reading will say that they do this well, however one of the most common feedback provided by those injured at work is the difference in communication pre and post incident. So the question to ask yourself or your business is,

“Would you be happy with the communication you provide, if you were injured”?

Communication is a basic skill, that is often done poorly. The biggest failing is usually a lack of communication as opposed to poor communication. An over reliance on GP’s, insurance Agents or third parties can give the impression to us as employers that our communication is not needed in these situations. However, our communication with our staff remains the most critical aspect in any success post incident or injury. This is a responsibility we cannot delegate as employers and an improvement we can make to benefit our employees.

We know the processes when it comes to incident or injury management, we do it regularly so the challenges and issues we see are not new to us. The basic communication is just letting injured workers know what to expect next. They have never gone through this before and likely to be their first claim, so once initial contact has been made, communicating what happens next and when they will be contacted again is reassuring, basic but NOT always obvious.

Our insight for this Collective Thinking is focus on the basics, get the communication with your employees right, this will be more effective and successful than any other strategy or innovation that you can implement.

We are working with people, all are a different, BUT communication and support remain the same.

~ Kain